The Farmhouse

Cercina Vecchia

Born as a farm family run and then becomes Farm...

Inside family produce seasonal vegetables, extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, homemade pasta and many other products good and wholesome.

The farm also has a restaurant, where guests can taste the typical Tuscan plates, cooked exclusively with farm products, produced to 0 kilometers.

For the holiday, the farm has three spacious apartments surrounded by greenery and tranquility of the natural park of Terzolle.


  • Old Tower house

    Dating from theXII century, it is on three floors, totally available to guests. It can accommodate up to 8 people.

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  • Holm apartment

    Three rooms. Set within an old mill, it has around nature of cypress and olive trees, has in itself the true Tuscan style...

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  • Cypress apartment

    Four rooms. Set within an old mill, it is surrounded of cypress and olive trees , has in itself the true Tuscan style...

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Cristina's kitchen

For a dinner with friends, you can book choosing between the menu plates offered in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Terzolle park

The protected area covers 1,970 hectares in the basin of the river Terzolle, between the hills on the north of Florence and the eastern slopes of Monte Morello. Scenically Cercina Valley is a predominantly agricultural area, characterized by old promiscuous crops with olive trees and grapevines.

Beat the grain

The festival is held every year on the third Sunday of January in honor of the saint patron of animals. At 11 am the musical parade start from the Circle of Cercina to the Parish of St. Andrew where all animals are gathered waiting for the solemn blessing. After there is the mass, and then ... all the people go to lunch ! Usually, in the afternoon, held a classical concert in the parish and the market with local crafts is open until evening.

The Parish

In an enchanting setting, set on a large plateau above the Castellare of Cercina, it stands the Parish of St. Andrew ( mt.353 above sea level) with the Parsonage and some houses huddled, including those of some religious Companies..

Olive oil festival

appointment in the autumn of the Olive Oil Festival