Cristina kitchen

Appetizers and fresh pasta

To start we offer a variety of appetizers made of vegetables from our garden and Philip's cured meats, followed by fresh egg pasta made by Maria, seasoned with game sauce or green sauce of Cristina.

Meat and vegetables

Philip will prepare a nice meat or a nice fried chicken and rabbit, accompanied by vegetables that are in the garden.


Maria e Cristina will delight you with rustic sweets and homemade.


  • The ingredients

    Our bread, pasta and desserts are all made from wheat flour that we grow and we do on grind stone. The meat and sausages are of our pigs, fed and cared for lovingly by Philip and vegetables directly from our garden.



We are open by appointment all day, you must book a few days in advance, as the food, all homemade require some preparation.


Ingredients :
2 eggs
1 glass of sugar
1 glass of chestnut flour
1 glass of milk
1/2 glass of oil
A packet of yeast
Dried fruit as you want

Mix sugar with the eggs, add the flour of chestnuts and other ingredients. Bake at 180 degrees for 20 minutes

.. made by Cristina